My Mother’s Day


Believe it or not it’s still Mothers Day somewhere in the world 

My Mother’s Day

For a whole 9 months you carried me in your tummy
No matter how annoying, you still respond when I yelled mummy!
If only I had as much money as Jack Ma
I would buy a private island just for you Ma
But don’t worry, one day me sef go hamma!
I go shut down the whole Abuja just for my mama!
No one can replace her so don’t even bother
All the wonderful women in the world, only one is my Mother
We will never be able to repay you from now till thy kingdom come
For the innumerable sacrifices you made for us, Mom
Let anybody try you, Jude pass me that Tommy
I’ll do the time for any one that crosses my Mommy
Mommy Mom Mother Mama Ma Mummy Mum
Of the names we call you these are just some
For no one word can ever this feeling convey
To celebrate you would take more than one day
But all the same I’ll join the rest of the world to say
I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day

~ I. Rhymes

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